LD5 is a ruggedised integrated sensor designed to meet a range of demanding offshore positioning requirements.

The VERIPOS LD5 is a state-of-the-art positioning unit which is available in a number of configurations, from a basic L-band demodulator to a fully integrated mobile positioning unit with demodulator and multi-frequency GNSS receiver. The unit can easily be upgraded to different configurations depending on your requirements.

Installation and set up of the LD5 is simple and straightforward. The on-board colour display and intuitive menu structure makes the configuration and operation of the LD5 user friendly. The display also provides the user with valuable real-time position and status information.

An LD5 training overview training video is available on VOSS.

The LD5 utilises VERIPOS positioning algorithms and supports all VERIPOS services which can produce position accuracies from metre to decimetre level.

The internally installed SD card permits logging of all data, allowing post processing and post mission analysis if required.

The LD5 can also be used as a sensor to output raw GNSS measurements and VERIPOS augmentation data in RTCM format. This can be used by external processing or quality control software, such as VERIPOS Verify QC. Data can be output through three galvanically isolated serial ports configurable for either EIA232 or EIA422. Data is also available through a USB port or an Ethernet port.

The LD5 is suitable for a wide range of applications including hydrographic / offshore surveying, dredging, offshore construction, seismic exploration and dynamic positioning.