LD6 Integrated Mobile Unit

The LD6 is a comprehensive and powerful integrated single mobile unit that can be configured to accommodate a range of VERIPOS solutions.

As a fully integrated mobile unit, the LD6 can receive VERIPOS services through the L-band demodulator. The LD6 can be configured with single or dual frequency GNSS receivers, as well as optional reception modules, to receive corrections from VERIPOS HF service, MF beacon service and UHF correction sources. All information is available for output to external equipment and software for processing.

The LD6 is suitable for a wide range of applications including hydrographic / offshore surveying, dredging, offshore construction, seismic exploration and dynamic positioning.

The modular design increases flexibility and simplifies the integration of new OEM hardware, allowing the LD6 to be upgraded offshore.

A colour touch-screen interface makes set-up quick and easy, from configuration through to monitoring. The LD6 can track all signals from the GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations. It can also receive augmentation data using the latest generation VERIPOS L-band hardware.

A powerful onboard processor has the ability to run VERIPOS positioning algorithms and applications. A monitor can be attached to the LD6 for a more detailed graphical display of positioning QC. A solid-state hard disk provides raw data storage for post processing and support. Fourteen galvanic isolated serial ports can be configured for either EIA232 or EIA422 output. Data is also available through dual independent ethernet ports to allow operation on a LAN.

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