VERIPOS Standard is a GPS augmentation service designed for users who need reliable, accurate position with a high level of integrity.

Based on L1 carrier and C/A code observations, VERIPOS Standard provides metre-level position accuracy by calculating pseudo-range corrections using a single difference technique. Correction data is delivered by both high and low power satellite broadcasts, seamlessly, worldwide.

At the heart of the system are the reference stations, which are the source of the GPS measurement data. Reference stations are located to ensure maximum coverage and redundancy throughout the key areas of offshore activity.

VERIPOS Standard can be used with any RTCM-compatible GPS receiver. To ensure consistent global performance, the latest techniques are used to make certain that station antennas are coordinated to an absolute accuracy at the centimetre level.

Augmentation data is produced at two, fully redundant Network Control Centres (NCCs), both capable of managing 100% system operation.

The main NCC is manned around the clock and contains the global VERIPOS Helpdesk, which monitors service availability and performance, and provides clients with support and information at any time.