VERIPOS products are designed and approved for marine positioning and navigation. They contain cutting-edge technology that is not only upgradeable and flexible, but is simple to operate. With varying performance capabilities, each of our products offer variants which allow them to receive GNSS correction services. This gives customers the ability to choose the product and service they require for their unique application. 

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Veripos Thumbnail LRG LD5 2
LD5 Integrated Mobile Unit

The LD5 is a reliable and robust positioning unit that can be configured in a number of ways.

Veripos Thumbnail LRG LD6 2
LD6 Integrated Mobile Unit

The LD6 is a fully integrated mobile unit that receives VERIPOS services through the L-Band demodulator and can be configured with single or dual-frequency GNSS receivers.

Veripos Thumbnail LRG LD7NEW
LD7 Integrated Mobile Unit

The LD7 provides multi-frequency GNSS capability with GNSS Heading, L-Band positioning and wireless communications.