VERIPOS offers highly robust precise positioning services that deliver centimetre, decimetre or metre level accuracy, even under the most difficult offshore marine operating conditions.

In order to deliver the highest level of operational reliability we have developed a fully redundant system that our Apex and Standard services utilise. Ultra utilises the JPL network. When Apex and Ultra are used together, they provide the user with correction services derived from independent networks and mitigate failures. 


Veripos Thumbnail LRG SERV APEX
Apex Services

Apex is based on the latest VERIPOS cutting edge proprietary technology providing the most reliable and accurate PPP positioning.

Veripos Thumbnail LRG SERV ULTRA
Ultra Services

Ultra services are global PPP services that deliver a decimetre level positioning accuracy. Ultra includes two service levels, with corrections derived from the JPL network. Ultra services work as a complementary service to Apex.

Veripos Thumbnail LRG SERV Standard
Standard Services

Standard services offer two options that provide metre level GPS augmentation services. Both provide position accuracy by calculating pseudorange corrections. Standard2 additionally offers increased availability during periods of local masking, ionospheric scintillation or poor GPS geometry.